Northampton State Hospital Ξ Second Floor Door

It's going to be a bit slow for a couple weeks until spring comes. This transitional time between winter and spring is very uninspiring. Everything is dead and you're just waiting for the warm weather and trees to come back. It's been rainy and gray and just not the type of weather you want to get out and shoot in. It's also a transitional time for some of the abandonments I've shot, so I'm looking for new ideas. I still have a bunch of stuff I haven't processed, and other stuff I haven't even pulled off the card yet, though. I also started working on a small video project that I may or may not link here. It involves one of the abandonments I've shot and I think it will be a fun side project to work on.

I'm 50/50 on this shot, but I'm not above posting stuff that's not 100% on here. If I was only going to post stuff I LOVED I would have done a gallery rather than a photoblog. The sky needed to be better in this, but I like how the toning came out and I like the composition.