Kirkbride Ξ Asylum in fog

This is similar to my shot from two days ago, but I like it for different reasons. I've been working on three things lately: shooting more slowly and carefully, reducing the amount of post processing I do, and committing early in the post processing to black and white. I really like some of the color work I have done, but I think learning color at the same time as I'm just trying to get back up to speed may be too much. I think I was getting away from where I left off the last time I was photographing. There's nothing wrong with progress, but I want to get back to the level I was at before compositionally before I start messing with new ideas. I have always been a big advocate of getting things right in the camera, and I am trying to move back in that direction. Of course, I say that, but this shot is definitely a crop...just have to keep trying.