It's been a slow week. With the flurry of activity lately I got into a routine of posting every weekday, but it's extremely important for me not to get too caught up in trying to post too much. Doing a picture a day is NOT my goal...I want DM to be low pressure for me so that I can keep the quality up and so that I don't view it as a chore. The last couple weeks has only made me more sure of that. The reason I have been posting so much lately is that I've had stuff I really wanted to get out there as soon as times it's been hard to limit myself to one a day.

I figured I would post another of the Met that I had after getting some amazing feedback from the very person who inspired me to look into abandonements as a subject. Hopefully I will be over my cold enough to shoot this weekend and I will have some more, but if not there is plenty of surrealism to play with. I have about 3500 images on the 20D, so the 50 I've posted here can't be the only good ones...can they?

Thanks to everyone who has given me positive feedback on the site. People have said the nicest things and my desire to keep shooting has been overwhelmingly reinforced!