We were tired after spending most of the day exploring the quad and climbing to the roof of building 7, the top of which can be seen peeking over the trees in the photo. Despite the lack of interesting artifacts, simply navigating the huge buildings without a suitable map and dealing with welded doors and other roadblocks had taken up much of the time we had to explore. However, the massive building 93 was still calling us, towering above the trees as we looked out from the roof of building 7 towards the ocean. We decided to return to our cars and drive over to make an attempt on building 93 to save our weary legs the walk in anticipation of many flights of stairs to come.

Kings Park has a sprawling 370 acre campus that is much bigger than it seems on maps or Satellite photos. This is the main road through campus lined with trees which had not yet begun to sprout leaves again after the long winter. In it's day Kings Park was a more or less self sufficient community where patients and staff worked together to create a life. The complex definitely seemed more like a small city than it did a singular psychiatric facility within a larger community. The immense, sprawling grounds are a monument to another era, before psychiatric medications, when thousands of people were warehoused because there was simply no other way to take care of them. The complex is a dinosaur, and it is almost impossible to imagine needing such a place today.