Kings Park Psychiatric Center Ξ Three Quarters

My last trip to Kings Park had been partially unsuccessful, as I didn't get to see the inside of building 93 which was one of my main goals for the trip. I made last second arrangements with a couple of locals and a few out of towners on their way to Long Island to see the buildings. It was rather bizarre to be in another state meeting people I didn't know to attempt a potentially risky infiltration of a building I couldn't find a way into the last time I was there, and not for lack of trying.

I met up with about 3/4 of the people who were supposed to show up and headed out to conquer the leviathan. I had been told that there was a squeeze necessary to make it into the building, and my first thought was that most of the people I had met that morning were built significantly smaller and lighter than I was. I was assured that I would make it through the tight squeeze, but that my camera bag might be a different story.

In the end both me and my camera bag managed to stuff our way through a tiny section of open window, which I had seen when I was there the first time, but the other members of my party were unwilling to attempt.