Belchertown State School Ξ Flashlit Reflections

An explorer pauses and floods the blackened hallway of the silent Infirmary building with light, broken glass from a smashed mirror ground underfoot.

There is a heavy stillness in the air here. I wonder whether others notice it when they are in a place like this, but for me it's impossible to ignore. It's something that you don't notice everywhere you explore, but when you run into it, it is totally unique to that place. In the end I suppose that it's both the naked reality and the twisted peak of exploring. There's a component of exploring yourself and the society you're a part of on a level that not everyone really wants to experience. You're a tourist of one of society's fuck ups, a place where we didn't live up to the promise of a civilized society.

Madness, I don't know where these dark images come from so close to the holidays, maybe it's this peculiar weather.