Belchertown State School Ξ Bringing Order

This theater, which I have posted shots of before, is a great subject. This day it was filled with fog, which you can't really see in this particular shot. In addition to the digital shots I have I was also working with my film body and some multiple exposures which hopefully will be good enough to post.

I have been working very hard on my composition lately, and I am really pleased with how this shot came out in terms of that. I actually reshot this image because the cut off light at the top right had always bothered me. I may post the reshoot along with another image this week. I am somewhat frustrated at the quantity of shots I have been getting when I go out lately, but the quality is getting better, at least in terms of composition. I am getting closer to the kind of shots I want to be taking, I just need to internalize some parts of composing the shots so I can concentrate on other things, and hopefully take a little less time.