Metropolitan Building Ξ Welcome to Detroit

I have decided to skip way ahead in my posting, and start putting up shots from my recent trip to Detroit. I think I have finally reached the point where my posting is hopelessly behind my shooting, since I have a ton of stuff in between that I eventually have to find a way to get up on the site. In any case, let's get on with the story...

Leaving the remains of our hangovers in our hotel rooms, the Massholes sprang from bed at the crack of dawn...10 AM on the begin our Detroit adventure. Being the hardest of hardcore explorers and having flown halfway across the country we wanted to be sure to push ourselves to the limit! Legends of rough neighborhoods and a general knowledge of the downfall of the American auto industry demanded a careful choice of transportation for our visit to the Motor City. Thus it was disappointment that greeted us, along with a gleaming silver Toyota Avalon with Ohio plates, in the Hertz parking lot. Ho ho! Some might deem this icon of the 21st century auto industry an ill advised chariot for our Michigan adventure, but in the end the plucky Toyota was one of the few pieces of field equipment to survive the weekend in tact. Perhaps this automotive irony was sent as some kind of symbol or lesson about the Detroit auto industry, or maybe Hertz just ran out of American cars.