Fall River Church Ξ Holy Space

I have tons of stuff to post...tons...but I am a bit disorganized at the moment. Im having trouble figuring out what to post in what order and such. So, I think Im just going to clean out some of the archives and maybe post some more random stuff that I don't have a full series for...clean out some of the clutter before I post my next Detroit set.

So, today, here's another one of the Church...this one on black and white film.

People have asked in the comments how I find these places. I mostly find them through friends and through word of mouth amongst other explorers. However, there are abandoned buildings everywhere! The best way to find stuff is just to drive around. Drive down every street in an old industrial area or a bad neighborhood and you're bound to find something. Rail lines or water access will often lead to industrial sites. You can also do research online about businesses or other buildings (such as churches) that are closing.