Lee Plaza

Lee Plaza is an impressive art deco apartment building on West Grand Boulevard in Detroit. The building ceased housing people in the 90’s and has been torn apart by scrappers since closing.

Our trip to Lee was a blast. Tossing my friend Gingerella into a window while conversing with passers by was not typically how I entered buildings, but I can’t complain. Lee was the fourth location we hit on this day and it wasn’t our last…we had the throttle to the floor on this trip. Lee was battered but still beautiful and definitely an interesting place to explore. The roof was absolutely superb and a great place to spend the waning daylight hours before heading off for a night of madness at the Pack.

Lee has a bunch of shots which everyone who visits tends to take.  In recent years people have really gotten a bug up their ass about this.  I say, nonsense.  I’m not going to visit a place like Lee Plaza and not photograph the iconic broken piano.  I’m also not going to parade around like I was the first person to see it, but you can bet your ass I’m going to shoot it whether or not I can come up with an original angle or take on it.  Even if you’re the first one to shoot it, unless you personally set the shot up you’re just another tourist like anyone else.  Meanwhile, as you wander around the rest of a place like this you’re shooting your own more original shots.  You wind up with a gallery that covers the, “must get” shots and your own more unique ones as well.